Betfair is a cricket betting application which enables the betters to bet on various sports that are happening across the globe. The application comes with various features of betting. A gambler can bet on any sports by having a live view of the game. This application provides bonuses and tips to its users. 

Free bet:

This feature enables the user to bet on any game for free. That is, the better is not required to invest any money on the betting game. The individual can bet and win the amount without investing a single penny. This offer is available to certain betters who fulfil the terms and conditions of it.

Price rush:

This feature gives cash prize to the users. The user gets a certain amount from the application. The cash price depends on the conditions laid down by the Betfair. The users are entitled to the cash prize if they have more number of odds and has involved in more and more number of bettings on Betfair. 

Daily promotions:

The application offers daily promotions in order to grab the attention of its users. These daily promotions not only attract the existing users but also persuades various other betters to switch the application from others to Betfair. This is a kind of strategy used by the Betfair developers in order to gain more and more number of users across the globe. The daily promotions include giving away prize money, free betting, another free bet for a winner, double the number of odds and providing with great tips. 

Live streaming:

Live streaming

This application allows the user to live stream various sports that are happening across the globe. The better can sit in any corner of the world and view any game that is happening in the other part of the country. By viewing the game Life the better can estimate the predictions more easily in order to bet. The better can clearly understand the game and use his ideas to put in forth the betting game. The strategy-making process gets easier when one sits and views the game live. 


Using Betfair you can bet on games across the globe. Betfair enables its users to bet on sports like cricket, football, horse racing and various others. It also provides the facility of lifestreaming various ongoing sports events.

Easy transaction:

Betfair offers users various modes of payment. The transaction is restricted in certain countries due to their policies. But whereas the gamblers of other countries find the transaction mode of Betfair to be the best among the others. 

Great tips:

The application provides its users with great tips. The predictions made help the betters to gain more in a bet. Using Betfair cricket betting provides better with easy tips for betting. You can easily get a betting Betfair cricket application for PC, using the best cricket betting tips from it.