Hey! Do you get excited when you hear the name of the word “Cricket”? It pretty obvious that the answer will be a big yes. Our country is such a place where cricket has laid its foundation very firmly. Whether it was the ’90s or the 20th century the enthusiasm among Indians for cricket will remain the same.

Many of us enjoy the game either watching on TV or by visiting the stadium. But, there are few cricket enthusiasts who have taken the enthusiasm on the next level. They are called as betters or gamblers. These people predict certain scenarios of the match for a lump sum amount of money. They win the amount if the predictions are proved to be true. And if the match doesn’t go as per the prediction they lose the betting amount. Initially gambling use to come in various forms happening in different places.  

Betting apps for cricket

Initially betting used to take place in game shops but with the development of technology in the era, the game has taken the mode of the electronic medium. Developers have come up with hundreds of websites on the web. Few such cricket betting apps or websites are mentioned below. 

  • William Hill
  • OLBG
  • SofaScore
  • Sportsie
  • 888Sport
  • Unibet
  • Cricket Betting Club
  • 188Bet
  • BetOnline

The above-mentioned applications are the online cricket betting apps in India. There are also cricket betting odds app and available widely on the web.         

Best Cricket Betting App Table:

Best Cricket Betting Apps

We have arranged the best cricket betting apps in table format as per reviews, ratings and popularity.

Betting AppsRatingReviewsCompatibility
William Hill4.528, 200Android and iOS
OLBG4.54,000Android and iOS
SofaScore4.5300Android and iOS
Sportsie2.575Android and iOS
888Sport2.580Android and iOS
Unibet3.5350Android and iOS
Cricket Betting Club5500Android and iOS
188Bet52,678Android and iOS
BetOnline43,500Android and iOS
Best Cricket Betting Apps

Do’S and Don’tS of betting

Do: Set a betting budget

This is a very important step that has to be considered by a better before starting the game. Under this step the better sets aside a budget that will be used for betting. This step is considered to be an important and crucial step. Sometimes with the flow of the game, the better unrealising end up investing huge amount due to which he has to suffer in the end. Thus it is important to set a budget before commencing with the game. 

Do: Take suggestion from an experienced one

If you are a newbie in the field it becomes important for you to take the guideline of an old experienced person. Gambling is not just based on luck but also so the wise decisions you make. Thus make sure that you receive the complete information and take suggestions from an old hand.

Don’t: CHASE loses

When a better finds himself in the losing position he keeps investing in the next bet. This reaction is due to the losses he has made in the game and in order to recover those losses the better start chasing his failures. Due to which sometimes he ends up making a disastrous loss. Thus it is important to play the game wisely. 

Don’t: Make the decision based on illogical reasoning

In order to make more money don’t take decisions that are not based on illogical reasoning. If you know that the team is losing don’t make illogical assumptions and invest in the losing team.