In this world, everyone has a huge craze of cricket. Almost each and every person likes cricket. During the matches like T20, world cup, one day, and IPL matches prediction is a very common thing. Many people predict who will win. There are many apps and websites available for prediction. Many experts and cricket fans like predictions, especially in cricket.

The cricket game is very well-known in the world for live betting. The odds in this game can change at any minute, so making a prediction and betting isn’t enough. You should keep command and take control as it’s required. You can also bet on who will win the next coming game by making a prediction. 

The betting system in tennis is mainly of two types in the markets: bookmakers or betting trades. The most former one is where a bookmaker gives accepting customers and odds, you can directly place money against the bookmaker at these prospects. In a field of the betting system, customers rather offer odds and place bets against each other, together with the exchange simply taking a small board for each paired bet. Generally, many adequate odds can be found on exchange markets, however, as there is only restricted ancient data on these odds the criteria in this project will be described in relation to usual bookmakers odds.

Data source

Special Players

Before predicting a match always see the data of the previous matches of the team that you are going to support. Data sources have complete information about every match and also teams along with the performance of all the players.


Analyzing the team before the prediction is very essential. You should analyze the game of all the team members. Their number of wins and losses in the tournament should be considered. If you are predicting a match just by guessing the result then it completely relies on the luck. But if you are analyzing the match by relying on statistics more than then just guessing the results then your prediction has a chance to become accurate.

Team strength 

For winning a match in cricket the most important thing is the team of 11 players. The cricket team should be balanced with the number of Bowlers, spinners, batsmen. All are equally important for a team to win the match. You should also see that the team has a good and balanced number of players and then predict the match.

Home Conditions 

cricket game is very well-known

The other factor that enables you to predict a match is home condition. The support of the crowd matters a lot in the game. You can also predict a match by knowing not the pitch where the match is going to be held and also the climate of the area.  

Special Players

The winning and losing in the match completely depends on the ability of each and every player in the team. The few players who are very skilled and are very famous for their skills. The player that has the key role times in the match, the list of them may also help in predicting the match.