In the gambling niche, one of the most respected brands is Bodog. Established in 1994 by Calvin Ayre of Canada as a software venture, it has grown in leaps and bounds over time. In the year 2000, Ayre decided to establish it as an Internet-based sportsbook and betting platform and in no time, it evolved into one of the most successful names in the sector. It also opened up in various countries and that is the reason behind Bodog in India.

Bodog Today

As expected, the brand faced several challenges especially in the United States of America and Canada but it remained resilient as it expanded. Today, Bodog offers its teeming clients several gambling options. These include race betting, sports betting, casino games, head to head poker, live betting, and casino-style poker. 

To make it accessible even further, the brand has come up with the Bodog app which means even right from the comfort of your phone, you can get to enjoy any of these games. For clients who are based in the United States of America, they have the chance to open poker accounts. This is a bit curious because players in the United States of America are not allowed access to other categories.

Variety of Sports and Games

Another significant reason people prefer to connect with Bodog is that it provides a huge variety of sports and games that helps people to experience two different environments on one particular platform.

In India, people usually don’t get enough opportunities to experience betting and gambling together on one particular platform, due to which they face trouble searching for different websites.

Sports betting provides much more benefits as compared to games gambling, due to which many people prefer to get involved in the betting world, but different people have different choices due to which they prefer to connect with different environments. People who love betting and gambling can connect with Bodog, which is one of the most reputed betting platforms in India.

Resilient Brand

Resilient Brand

Bodog sports is no small fish in the gambling niche. This fact is admitted even by those who push the Bet365 vs Bodog arguments. With more than ten years of operation in the industry, Bodog is a leader with experience in the niche. To survive in the gambling industry is not easy at all and that explains why Bodog too has been involved in several controversies. 

Bonus Details

If there is anything that will make any gambler to love Bodog, it will be the bonuses that are in place. The following are some of the bonuses available on the Bodog platform: 

  • $200 Sports Bonus for Sign Up: For the sports bettors who are sorting their initial deposit, they can get a full deposit match bonus that is as much as $200. As for the rollover, all that is needed is five times the sum of the deposit-plus-bonus.
  • $1,000 Sign Up Bonus for Poker: Those who are making their deposits for poker for the first time can get as much as $1,000 bonus and the match rate is at 100%. The precise amount that the player is going to get at the end is going to be dependent on a kind of earning that the platform calls Poker Points.
  • $600 Bonus for Casino Match: If you are a lover of casino games, you can earn as much as $600 and the match rate stands at 100%. It should be stated that the $600 is from a pair of bonuses. The first is a $400 worth of offers for casino games and the other is a $200 offer put in place for slot plays. As for these two, the requirement for the rollover is 40 times deposit-plus-bonus and that is more than some other bonuses for online casino games.

Bodog is a leader when it comes to prominent brands in the gambling industry offering several gambling options. This is a review that provides an unbiased submission.